My Birth Story

Hey guys,

I wanted to share how it all went down on the day my son was born! Originally I was due April 28 and around 3 am on April 29 I started having contractions. The contractions we’re very mild that I didn’t even think anything of them. At around 5 am they were still mild but consistent so I called the doctor. She told me it’s probably early labor and to just relax and to come to the hospital at around 8 am. So for the next 3 hours I was awake and tracking the contractions. (again not painful) so my sister comes over and my husband and I get ready to leave. We first stop to pick up some breakfast and make our way to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital, they have me wait in the waiting room for a good hour! ( I was very calm throughout the whole delivery, they must have just thought I wasn’t in labor 🙄) They finally take me to a room and just monitor my contractions. I still wasn’t in the delivery room btw. The contractions we’re irregular and not painful at all, I really thought that’s how it was going to be the whole time, boy was I wrong! So a doctor finally comes in and checks me and I was at 4 cm, which was good enough to stay and about 30 minutes later my water breaks. Now is where the fun begins.

They move me to the delivery room with a bathtub because I really thought I could do it all natural and labor in the tub. I do think I could have too, but the nurse I had was just terrible and kept saying I wasn’t going to handle the pain. She kept saying, “most people have a midwife with them and are completely prepared for a natural birth, and you can barely walk to the bathroom”. At this point the pain had drastically increased but still manageable.

An hour passes and now I’m about 6 cm and in excruciating pain! I ended up asking for the epidural. From then on it was very easy, I couldn’t sleep but at least I was relaxing and preparing myself to push. At this point its probably 3 pm and I’m still waiting until 10 cm. The nurse wanted to start me on pitocin to get this moving along, and I told her no I’m fine waiting! And she proceeds to put the bag of pitocin next to my IV “just in case”. Things moved pretty quickly after that and I look at the monitor and my contractions were every minute, so I asked the nurse to check how much I’m dilating. 10cm. Thank God!

It’s now about 4 pm and I’m finally able to start pushing. My epidural must have worn off because I felt the pressure and the pain and just started screaming! The doctor comes in and tells me to focus the screaming into pushing. So I push with every energy I have left and in one hour he was out! Everyone was shocked at how quick he came out, even though an hour of pushing to me felt like it would never end. I did need some stitching after, but nothing too bad. My son entered the world at 5:02 pm.💕 Everyone always says once you hold your child for the first time, it’s just a different kind of love you automatically have, and they are absolutely right. Once I heard him cry for the first time, I just thanked God and cried with him! I don’t think anything in life compares to the moment you hold your child for the first time! Truly an experience


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