After Birth

After you give birth there’s a lot that happens to your body that I did not know about. First, you bleed a lot! I bled a lot right after birth and everyday until recently ( it’s been 5 weeks). I knew I would bleed after, but not for 5 weeks! It felt like it would never end. It seems like it stopped for now, I guess we’ll see!

Second, your whole body is sore! Well at least for me. My body hurt so bad, my only relief was taking a hot shower and just letting the water run down my body. I would take maybe 3 hot showers a day! Not only was it a little alone time, but the hot water felt amazing! I recommend it

Third, I still had some contractions when I got home! When I started breastfeeding j would feel contractions. I used a heating pad which helped a lot!

Next, for me I was extremely emotional weeks after giving birth and cried a lot. Just from not sleeping, the struggles of Breastfeeding, and my body being in pain. Ladies, our bodies go through a lot after delivery and to try to heal while taking care of a newborn is a lot! So it is okay to feel overwhelmed even with help from family! It is a lot. So cry. Cry away. It feels good to just let it out and don’t expect to get the hang of it even a month after. Take your time and focus on you and your baby.

In the end, it is all worth it! The pain and tears and the struggles. Believe me it is all worth it. “Just keep swimming.” It gets better.

Please share your after birth stories and what you’ve experienced.


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