Quick Recipes

After having my son, I’ve been having a really hard time cooking. I just feel like if I’m not taking care of him, I’m sleeping! Which is fine, but I’m barely eating! My husband usually makes me breakfast every morning, but once he goes to work, I forget all about food! 😕. Does anyone know…

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Tips From A New Mom

My son was born on April 29,2019, and even though I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I feel like I have learned a few things. Self-care– This is very important! Once you have baby, don’t forget about yourself. Continue getting your nails done and pampering yourself. In order to give your…

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Friends After Motherhood

Since I’ve given birth, almost all my friends have come over to visit my baby. My best friend even stayed a week at home with me to help out! After that, I really haven’t talked to them again. A couple of close friends have been in contact, but the truth is, it’s harder to keep…

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To Give Or Not To Give

Let’s talk about pacifiers! I’m struggling with that currently. I see my nephew at 3 years old still use a pacifier and think maybe it’s not a good idea. But anytime my baby wants to suck on something, he expects my boob and I’m just over it! He is constantly on my boob just for…

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3 am feedings

I can barely keep my eyes open and feeding my little man while watching friends. (My fav show) How do you stay awake for feedings? I’m too scared I may fall asleep.😴😴

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Crib or Bassinet

Since Roen was born, I swaddled him and he was able to sleep in his crib just fine… For a week. He outgrew the swaddle fairly quickly and a week later he didn’t want anything to do with it. I tried having him sleep in his crib without the swaddle and 10 minutes after putting…

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Typical Day

This is so true! So much wiping ahaha. And seriously I feel like I’m always hungry but don’t have time to eat because I would rather sleep😴😴 And always breastfeeding I feel. He is currently on my boob as I type! I feel like I have no energy to do anything. I seriously need to…

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One month already!

I can’t believe a month has already passed! It flew by and this picture perfectly describes how we both feel. Exhausted ahahah .. but extremely blessed and thankful🙏🏼 Baby Roen is staying up longer throughout the day and is sleeping for 3 hours at a time. He is getting better at breastfeeding and starting to…

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The Pains of Breastfeeding

Since my son was born, I knew I was going to breastfeed him right away. It was just something I was adamant of doing. After he was born, the doctor had me do skin to skin for an hour and after that they wanted to feed him. Not going to lie, it was extremely painful!…

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